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About Us

Captain Bruce Lothian: President of Lothian Aviation Incorporated

Bruce Lothian has 48 years of varied aviation experience and has flown aircraft from the very basic to the more sophisticated, high performance aircraft types. Over this time, he has accrued more than 16,000 hours of flying experience covering Canada (from the high Arctic to the 49th parallel), the continental United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, Europe, North Africa and Saudi Arabia. As a Company Check Pilot for the Fairchild Hiller FH - 227 with Nordair Airlines, Bruce was responsible for all facets of flight and simulator training, scheduling and evaluation for 42 pilots. His range of duties also included:

  • Contract training of non-Canadian pilots
  • New-hire pilot interviews
  • Initial and recurrent training of Transport Canada Inspectors
  • Amending and updating Operations Manuals and Ground School
    syllabus criteria for Nordair's FH-227 Arctic operations.
Captain Bruce Lothian

Honourable Company of Air Pilots.

Captain Lothian is also a member of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots.

Alistair Beaton: Master Air Pilot & Vice President of Lothian Aviation Incorporated

In addition to being the Chief Flight Instructor at Vancouver Aviation College, Alistair is the Chairman of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots for North America and a director in the College of Professional Pilots of Canada. More than 50 years ago, Alistair embarked on a flying career that he is still pursuing with great enthusiasm today. His aviation career began with the RAF Air Training Corps in the UK and has taken him all over the world. Alistair finally settled in British Columbia in 1982 and since that time has instructed hundreds of students in many of the most highly praised flight schools in the province. He is a well respected instructor within the industry and is held in very high regard by many Transport Canada personnel. Alistair ensures that each student receives highly personalized instruction, instilling the confidence they need for their aviation endeavours. Alistair Beaton is a prime example of a passionate and enthusiastic aviator who is highly focused on safety and flying skills. He too is dedicated to excellence in aviation.

Alistair Beaton

Our Services

New state of the art facility
New state of the art facility

Flight Training

Whether you are a young or more mature student and have never been in an aircraft before or are well experienced, we provide high quality training here in Canada. With a combined total flying experience of more than 24,000 hours, we offer a very large body of knowledge suited to help you reach your aviation goals and prepare you for the pilot license or rating you desire. We are committed to safety and excellence in all of our programs.
Licenses Ratings Additional Courses
Private Pilot License Night English as a second language
Commercial Pilot License Multi engine Dispatcher (coming soon)
Instrument Seasonal Refresher (coming soon)

Ground School

Learn everything you will need to be a successful pilot. Learn the basics of how an aircraft works and what makes it fly. Learn how to prepare yourself and your aircraft for a safe flight. Learn how to decipher weather data and handle various conditions. Learn how to navigate safely from one place to another, as well as several other aviation-related topics. Simulator instruction also forms part of the training for students.

Introductory presentations, interviews & consultations

Our knowledge and experience will provide high quality training and boost your confidence in this new field of endeavour. We can identify with your goals and work with you to reach them.
Black and white aircraft

Aircraft type in which the students will receive instruction.
This is the aircraft type in which students will receive instruction.

*If required, Lothian Aviation Incorporated is able to assist with securing accommodations and support sytems for students of ESL.

Lothian Aviation Incorporated, in collaboration with Vancouver Aviation College, at Pitt Meadows Airport, British Columbia, Canada, provide the highest quality training at a new state of the art facility. We utilize aircraft maintained to the highest safety standard at all times.

To the right: Captain Mostafa Khosrowtaj. Vancouver Aviation College.

Of his 20,000+ hours of flying experience, Captain Mostafa Khosrowtaj has accumulated more than 8,000 hours of pilot instruction. In collaboration with Lothian Aviation Incorporated, Mostafa shares the vision to elevate students to achieve the highest standard of safety and excellence.

Captain Mostafa Khosrowtaj